BALENO 2015-present

HARDRACE SUZUKI BALENO 2015-present all of products. Arm, Bar and Brace, Bushing, Engine Mount, Sway Bar, Stabilizer Link and others.

Hardrace Q0123 Front Sway Bar Suzuki Swift 4th Zc33, Baleno

HARDRACE Q0123 FRONT SWAY BAR 25.4 mm 3 PCS/SET Hardrace sway bars are designed to reduce body roll,..


Hardrace Q0127 Middle Lower Brace Suzuki Swift 4th Zc33, Baleno

HARDRACE Q0127 MIDDLE LOWER BRACE 1 PCS/SET HARDRACE Middle Lower Brace, made of unique high density..


Hardrace Q0258 Rear Add-On Sway Bar Suzuki Baleno

HARDRACE Q0258 REAR ADD-ON SWAY BAR 17 mm 3 PCS/SET Reduce body roll, maximize a tire’s contact patc..


Hardrace Q0264 Front Strut Brace Suzuki Baleno

HARDRACE Q0264 FRONT STRUT BRACE 1 PCS/SET HARDRACE is proud to announce the new front strut bar. T..


Hardrace Q0336 Front Lower 4 Points Brace Suzuki Swift 4th Zc33, Baleno

HARDRACE Q0336 FRONT LOWER 4 POINTS BRACE 1 PCS/SET HARDRACE Front Lower Brace are designed to stiff..


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