i-30 1st 2007-2012

HARDRACE HYUNDAI i-30 1st 2007-2012 all of products. Arm, Bar and Brace, Bushing, Engine Mount, Sway Bar, Stabilizer Link and others.

Hardrace 7443 Rear Toe Control Arm Hyundai I-30, Tucson Ix35 Lm, Kia Optima, Sportage

HARDRACE 7443 REAR TOE CONTROL ARM Harden Rubber Equipped. 2 PCS/SET * For KIA SPORTAGE 2WD only To..


Hardrace 7484 Rear Camber Kit Hyundai I-30

HARDRACE 7484 REAR CAMBER KIT Harden Rubber Equipped. 2 PCS/SET HARDRACE camber kit reduces tire wea..


Hardrace Q0436 Front Lower Control Arm Hyundai I-30 1st

HARDRACE Q0436 FRONT LOWER CONTROL ARM Harden Rubber Equipped. 2PCS/SET The control arm made with h..


Hardrace Q0437 Front Lower Ball Joint Hyundai I-30 1st

HARDRACE Q0437 FRONT LOWER BALL JOINT 2 PCS/SET OE TYPE HARDRACE front lower ball joint replace your..


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