CR-V 4th RM1/RM3/RM4 2012-2016

HARDRACE HONDA CR-V 4th RM1/RM3/RM4 2012-2016 all of products. Arm, Bar and Brace, Bushing, Engine Mount, Sway Bar, Stabilizer Link and others.

Hardrace 6732 Rear Camber Kit

HARDRACE 6732 REAR CAMBER KIT Harden Rubber Equipped. 2 PCS/SET HARDRACE camber kit reduces tire wea..

139.00 $

Hardrace 7607 Front Sway Bar

HARDRACE 7607 FRONT SWAY BAR For CRV'13- Use Front Side, 25.4mm Stab. Bushing Included 3pcs/set Sw..

250.00 $

Hardrace 7608 Rear Sway Bar

HARDRACE 7608 REAR SWAY BAR For CRV'13- Use Rear Side, 22mm Stab. Bushing Included Stiffness Incre..

209.00 $

Hardrace 8793-300 Adj. Stabilizer Link

HARDRACE 8793-300 ADJ. STABILIZER LINK Range: 283-322 mm Ball stud: M12 2 PCS/SET **FOR BMW F10 / F..

133.00 $

Hardrace 8805 Front Strut Bar

HARDRACE 8805 FRONT STRUT BAR 1 PCS/SET HARDRACE is proud to announce the new front strut bar for HO..

167.00 $

Hardrace 8996 Front Lower Arm

HARDRACE 8996 FRONT LOWER ARM Harden Rubber Equipped. 2 PCS/SET The control arm made with hardened s..

546.00 $

Hardrace Q0387 Front Lower 4 Points Brace

HARDRACE Q0387 FRONT LOWER 4 POINTS BRACE 3 PCS/SET HARDRACE Front Lower Brace are designed to stiff..

230.00 $

Hardrace Q0388 Rear Lower Lateral Brace

HARDRACE Q0388 REAR LOWER LATERAL BRACE 2 PCS/SET HARDRACE Rear Lower Brace are designed to stiffen ..

152.00 $

Hardrace Q0389 Rear Structure Brace

HARDRACE Q0389 REAR STRUCTURE BRACE 1PCS/SET HARDRACE Rear Structure Brace are designed to stiffen u..

127.00 $

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