Mg MG7 (07~13)

Best Mg MG7 (07~13) Coilovers from Border Racing. Street series for daily driving, Sport for weekend track day and aggressive driving, Asphalt Rally is specially made for rally asphalt, Racing is only used for circuit, Drag Racing is suitable for drag race, Super Racing is used particularly in track, rally asphalt, drift and drag.

Coilovers Mg MG7 (07~13) Street

Coilovers Mg MG7 (07~13) Street for Daily Driving. 32-way damping setting is able to adjust the damp..


Coilover Mg MG7 (07~13) Sport

Coilover Mg MG7 (07~13) Sport. By increasing 35% damping and spring rate setting, it is suitable for..


Coilover Mg MG7 (07~13) Asphalt Rally

Coilover Mg MG7 (07~13) Asphalt Rally. This coilover kit is specially made for rally asphalt. In add..


Coilover Mg MG7 (07~13) Racing

Coilover Mg MG7 (07~13) Racing. This kit is only used for circuit. BORDER have many experiences of s..


Coilover Mg MG7 (07~13) Drag Racing

Coilover Mg MG7 (07~13) Drag Racing. This version is suitable for drag race. There are different whe..


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