YARIS / VITZ 3rd XP130, XP150, 2011-

HARDRACE TOYOTA YARIS / VITZ 3rd XP130, XP150, 2011- all of products. Arm, Bar and Brace, Bushing, Engine Mount, Sway Bar, Stabilizer Link and others.

Hardrace 7780 Rc Ball Joint

HARDRACE 7780 RC BALL JOINT 2 PCS/SET By installing the HARDRACE Roll-Center Adjusters, it will corr..

209.00 $

Hardrace 8664 Rear Add-On Sway Bar

HARDRACE 8664 REAR ADD-ON SWAY BAR 19 mm 3 PCS/SET Sway Bar affects the handling and the car's over..

209.00 $

Hardrace Q0347 Front Lower Control Arm

HARDRACE Q0347 FRONT LOWER CONTROL ARM Harden Rubber Equipped 2 PCS/SET The control arm made with ha..

307.00 $

Hardrace Q0403 Front Strut Brace

HARDRACE Q0403 FRONT STRUT BRACE 1 PCS/SET HARDRACE is proud to announce the new front strut bar. Th..

164.00 $

Hardrace Q0404 Front Lower Brace

HARDRACE Q0404 FRONT LOWER BRACE 1 PCS/SET HARDRACE Front Lower Brace are designed to stiffen up the..

109.00 $

Hardrace Q0405 Middle Lower Brace

HARDRACE Q0405 MIDDLE LOWER BRACE 4 PCS/SET HARDRACE Middle Lower Brace, made of unique high density..

201.00 $

Hardrace Q0406 Rear Sub-Frame Brace

HARDRACE Q0406 REAR SUB-FRAME BRACE 1 PCS/SET HARDRACE Rear Sub-frame Brace are designed to stiffen ..

164.00 $

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