RX 4th AL20 2015–present

HARDRACE LEXUS RX 4th AL20 2015–present all of products. Arm, Bar and Brace, Bushing, Engine Mount, Sway Bar, Stabilizer Link and others.

Hardrace 7539 Front Lower Arm Bushing

HARDRACE 7539 FRONT LOWER ARM BUSHING Harden Rubber Equipped. 4 PCS/SET Harden rubber bushing made w..

205.00 $

Hardrace 8691 Rear Toe Arm

HARDRACE 8691 REAR TOE ARM Harden Rubber Equipped. 2 PCS/SET Toe arms allow for fine-tuned adjustmen..

167.00 $

Hardrace 8793-110 Adj. Stabilizer Link

HARDRACE 8793-110 ADJ. STABILIZER LINK Range:104-130 mm Ball stud: M12 2 PCS/SET The essential for g..

133.00 $

Hardrace 8793-260 Adj. Stabilizer Link

HARDRACE 8793-260 ADJ. STABILIZER LINK Range: 243-282 mm Ball stud: M12 2 PCS/SET * Suitable for " ..

157.00 $

Hardrace 8983 Rear Sway Bar

HARDRACE 8983 REAR SWAY BAR 25.4 mm 5 PCS/SET Sway Bar affects the handling and the car's over stee..

229.00 $

Hardrace 8985 Front Strut Tower Brace

HARDRACE 8985 FRONT STRUT TOWER BRACE 1 PCS/SET * Not for Right-hand drive model * Not for RX450H H..

201.00 $

Hardrace Q0012 Front Lower Control Arm

HARDRACE Q0012 FRONT LOWER CONTROL ARM Harden Rubber Equipped. 2 PCS/SET The control arm made with ..

341.00 $

Hardrace Q0099 Rear Camber Kit

HARDRACE Q0099 REAR CAMBER KIT 2 PCS/SET One Side Pillow Ball Bushing One Side Harden Rubber Bushing..

296.00 $

Hardrace Q0265 Front Lower Brace

HARDRACE Q0265 FRONT LOWER BRACE 1 PCS/SET HARDRACE Front Lower Brace are designed to stiffen up the..

239.00 $

Hardrace Q0266 Rear Lower Brace

HARDRACE Q0266 REAR LOWER BRACE 2 PCS/SET HARDRACE Rear Lower Brace are designed to stiffen up the c..

152.00 $

Hardrace Q0267 Rear Sub-Frame Brace

HARDRACE Q0267 REAR SUB-FRAME BRACE 1 PCS/SET HARDRACE Rear Sub-frame Brace are designed to stiffen ..

127.00 $

Hardrace Q0268 Front Sway Bar

HARDRACE Q0268 FRONT SWAY BAR 32 mm 3 PCS/SET Hardrace sway bars are designed to reduce body roll, a..

356.00 $

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