• Steering Wheel Lock Python

Steering Wheel Lock Anti-Theft Python. The anti-theft device is installed on the steering wheel of the car and, when closed, does not allow the steering wheel to be rotated, which prevents theft.
Python consists of a metal rod sheathed with natural leather and a mechanical Blocker.

Steering Wheel Lock Anti-Theft Python
Steering Wheel Lock Anti-Theft Python

The device is locked in one motion, easily and quickly, by installing the lock on the rod and slightly turning it around the axis. You do not need a key to close. Contents included:
1. Blocker.
2. Metal rod sheathed with natural leather.
3. Two keys.
4. Warranty card with instructions for installation and use.
5. Packaging.

For maximum protection, the Blocker can be installed in the maximum inverted position of the wheels.

To remove the Blocker; align the guide groove on the key with the mark on the Blocker and turn the key clockwise by about 45 degrees. Under the influence of gravity, the bollard will come out of the case and will be in your hands.

Steering Wheel Lock Anti-Theft Python on car
Steering Wheel Lock Anti-Theft Python on car

The skill of "blind" setting and removing the Blocker is developed for 2-3 days. The whole process of staging and removing takes a few seconds. It takes more time to get and put the key in your pocket.

With the lock installed, slight steering wheel rotation is possible. But if you look at the wheels, they turn 1-2 degrees. With such a restriction turning the wheels, a vehicle will not leave parking spot. With such attention back and forth movements, would be too suspicious not to notice.

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Steering Wheel Lock Python

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