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Mechanical anti-theft device "Mechanical Interceptor". Fits on the steering shaft near the pedals and fits most vehicles. It can also be installed on trucks and special equipment. When closed, it does not allow the steering wheel to be rotated against the pedals, pedal mounts or the car body, which prevents theft. When attempting to steal, the car will be able to drive back and forth without the ability to turn. Steering wheel would be prevented from rotation.
"Mechanical Interceptor" consists of a structure and a removable mechanical Blocker. The housing is permanently located on the steering shaft and without the installed lock does not affect the steering wheel rotation and pedaling. When the vehicle is in motion, the mounted housing on the steering shaft is invisible and does not touch your feet. When lock inserted into housing and you try to turn the steering wheel, Blocker will rest against the pedals or the car body and will not allow you to turn the steering wheel.

Mechanical Interceptor anti-theft device: Blocker, Device (housing base, body bushing, two mounting screws), Two keys.

The housing is a split structure that encloses the rudder shaft. Structure has a cavity for installing the Blocker. In this cavity, there are screws for fastening the body to the steering wheel shaft, access to which is blocked by a Blocker installed in housing.

Device made of solid stainless steel. Carrying out a reliable grip of a special shaft inside the body.

The main advantages of the "Mechanical Interceptor" anti-theft device:
1. There is no traditional keyhole, which provides reliable protection against any bumping and lock-picks.
2. The bollard is made of stainless steel, which increases it’s resistance to rough force and reliably protects against corrosion.
3. It works correctly at temperatures up to - 58°F and will withstand any temperature changes.
4. Does not require additional maintenance and lubrication.
5. Setting and removing the blocker is done in one motion.
6. The number of key combinations is more than 3,000,000. All keys are unique. The key from one blocker to another does not fit.
7. In the event of a car change, the device will most likely fit into your next car.
8. Easy to install and remove. Installed without a key. Can be removed with a key only.
9. Certified and patented.

Contents included:
1. Blocker.
2. Device (housing base, body bushing, two mounting screws).
3. Two keys.
4. Warranty card with instructions for installation and use.
5. 8mm Allen key.
6. Packaging.

For initial installation, an 8mm Allen key is required (included). And 10-15 minutes to install. Imagine how the arming and disarming of the blocker occurs as follows. Holding the steering wheel with your left hand, lean to the right and reach the steering shaft with your right hand. It may be easier on your car to reach the steering shaft with your left hand. To install the Blocker, insert it into the housing and turn it counterclockwise approximately 45 degrees. For maximum protection, the Blocker can be installed in the maximum inverted position of the wheels.

To remove the Blocker; align the guide groove on the key with the mark on the Blocker and turn the key clockwise by about 45 degrees. Under the influence of gravity, the bollard will come out of the case and will be in your hands.

Mechanical Interceptor anti-theft device on car
Mechanical Interceptor anti-theft device on car

The skill of "blind" setting and removing the Blocker is developed for 2-3 days. The whole process of staging and removing takes a few seconds. It takes more time to get and put the key in your pocket.

With the lock installed, slight steering wheel rotation is possible. But if you look at the wheels, they turn 1-2 degrees. With such a restriction turning the wheels, a vehicle will not leave parking spot. With such attention back and forth movements, would be too suspicious not to notice.

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Mechanical Interceptor

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